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Golden State Bridge, Inc - First Solo MOB Recovery Drill

Golden State Bridge crew shows how a one-person man overboard recovery is done.

2 minutes, 10 seconds

Harley Marine - Long Beach MOB Recovery Drill Demo

First chance to see how it really works.

1 minute, 39 seconds

Foss Maritime - Underway Rescue Demo and comments on C-Hero

FOSS explains their evaluation and selection process.

4 minutes, 44 seconds

MOB Rescue Drill with and without Rescue Pole with Recovery Strap

Captain Kenny shows a man overbord rescue drill done manually by just reaching over the side and grabbing on to a strap of the Oscar dummy's live vest and pulling Oscar onto the boat.

Then a second rescue using the C-Hero Rescue Pole with Recovery Strap.

This demonstrates how to mitigate your risk.

2 minutes, 34 seconds

Training Videos

The C-Hero® MOB Rescue Davit - Overview, Assembly and Setup Adjustments

Shane Smith shows the MOB Rescue Davit with assembly instructions and options.

Tools Needed:
• 5/32”, 5/16”, Allen wrenches, and 3/4 “ Box wrench

12 minutes, 43 seconds.


The C-Hero® MOB Rescue Pole, Assembly and Usage

Shane shows how the Rescue Pole assembles and quickly attachs a lifting strap to the MOB.
7 minutes, 50 seconds

The C-Hero® One-Man MOB Rescue

Shane shows how the C-Hero® Rescue Davit and Rescue Pole can be used by one person for an MOB rescue.
4 minutes, 30 seconds.

Designed for a one-person rescue, so even a 2 or 3 crew boat can rescue an unconscious MOB.

Bitt Attachment and Removal of the C-Hero® MOB Rescue Davit

Note: This is a repeat of the last 2 minutes,20 seconds of the first video at the top of page for a quick look at the Rescue Davit attachment to the bitt.

Shows the quick attachment to a bitt for a man overboard rescue.

C-Hero® Full Training on Rescue Davit and Rescue Pole, including optional adjustments


From beginning normal fitting adjustments on the Rescue Pole, with optional adjustments that may be needed. After adjustments, deployment and usage is shown and discussed.

1 hour, 10 minutes, 32 seconds

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