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A Real-Time Safety Reporting System

Industry studies indicate that there are about 600 "Near Miss" incidents for every fatality aboard work boats and barges; as well as 7 or 8 injuries which cause lost man hours.

Your company may already be tracking Near Misses with special forms, and collecting valuable information to correct equipment or procedure issues which could cause injuries or fatalities. This information is often valuable or even necessary for your insurance company and prospective customers.

Additional Safety Information that You Need

  1. The average number of days it is currently taking to correct the causes of your near miss incidents
  2. What percentage of your near miss incidents are not currently being reported
  3. How many near miss incidents are still open items waiting for repairs
  4. How does your company compare to the industry?

Real-Time Reporting

The C-Hero® Report™ allows reporting and tracking of safety issues, including the following categories:

  • Personal Injury
  • MOB
  • Oil or Hazardous Substance Spill
  • Vessel Accident
  • Allision
  • Grounding
  • Equipment Squawk
  • Safety Meeting Followup Items
  • Open Coast Guard Inspection Items
  • Suggestions
  • Non-Conformity
  • Other

The status of all events is always available on a real-time basis.

Below is a sample real-time overall status report for near-miss events on the "dashboard" for management viewing. You will be able to click on a port for the details of that port, and click all the way down to a specific incident to see all details and who currently has the responsibility.

If you are interested in a highly automated system which will provide instant answers to these questions, satisfy Sub-chapter M requirements, and impress your and prospective customers ...

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