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C-Hero® Man Overboard Suggested Rescue System

The products that have been available for water safety and Man Overboard (MOB) retrieval have each been only a part of the solution. We believe that the C-Hero® Rescue Davit is the most important part of the MOB solution that has been missing for workboats, but we strongly recommend that you create a complete Man Overboard Rescue System to address the following issues:

  1. Practice with an Oscar Dummy
  2. Float and be seen
  3. Alert: Automatically trigger an alert in the wheelhouse
  4. Fetch: Get a line to the Person in Water (PIW) and pull them close to the boat
  5. Reach & Attach: Reach down to put lifting strop around PIW's upper torso
  6. Lift PIW and swing them aboard
  7. Report a successful rescue

Practice with an Oscar Dummy

Recovering someone who has fallen into the water is no easy task, especially if the victim is unconscious or lethargic due to cold temperatures. Training is essential to prepare potential rescuers for how difficult it can actually be.

The OSCAR Water-Rescue Training Dummy™ from Emerald Marine Products is used by safety instructors across North America for teaching people what it's like to retrieve a lifeless, 180 lb. adult.

Using an Emerald Marine Oscar dummy is much safer than having one of your crew volunteer to get in the water to be rescued.

In addition to your regular MOB drills, consider including Oscar one to four times a year, to more realistically simulate emergency conditions.







Float and Be Seen

These days, virtually all crew members are wearing a work vest or jacket for floatation in case they are suddenly in the water.

In addition, we recommend a strobe light attached to the work vest so that they can easily be located in the water. There are a number of these lights with LEDs for brightness and long battery life, but we particularly favor the U.S. Coast Guard approved LSC Aqua-Sirius Strobe.

This is a hydrostatic SOLAS-approved strobe light that will automatically activate once submerged. It has three activation functions, ultra-bright strobe light, or the SOS strobe to visually alert the boat with your location up to 3 miles away, plus a Steady-On feature for close-up recovery operations. A pair of AA batteries will provide bright white signal 60 times a minute for over 18 hours, will flash with reduced brightness for 5+ days.


Many workboat situations have a crew of only two persons, and even with a larger crew we believe that it is vital to have an automatic alarm that is triggered when a person falls overboard.

C-Hero® has partnered with Emerald Marine Products, which makes the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System.

The ALERT2 system includes an ALERT2 Transmitter for each crew member to attach to their work vest. This ALERT2 Transmitter is also a hydrostatic device which triggers an immediate alarm at the ALERT2 Receiver in the wheelhouse when the ALERT2 Transmitter hits the water.

The ALERT2 Receiver sits on a stand with an antenna, and can be mounted anywhere near the workboat controls. In the event a person wearing the ALERT2 Transmitter falls in the water, it automatically begins transmitting to the ALERT2 Receiver. The receiver emits a loud alert, prompting the launch of a local rescue in those vital first seconds. Contacts on the back of the Receiver will also allow the vessel to wire a general alarm and/or plotting point of incident on the vessel's chartplotter.


Most workboats already have a method to get a line to the Person In Water (PIW), and pull them in to the boat.

If you are looking for another good way to bring the PIW in to the boat, we highly suggest that you consider a ResQ Disc™, which is a throw-able Frisbee-like device used to get a line out to a PIW and pull them in.

Here are some specifications and features:

  • Approximately 12" in diameter
  • Approximately 2" in. thick
  • 100 ft of bright yellow polypropylene rope
  • U.S. Coast Guard certified unit is safety orange for easy visibility (also available in non-certified yellow)
  • Velcro strap on end of rope both for closure and storage AND to wrap on wrist or waist during deployment
  • Easy and rapid deployment (less than 60 seconds)
  • Holds up to 500 lbs.

Reach and Attach

Attached to 12 foot pole (not shown)

Use the C-Hero® Rescue Pole, which allows a crew member to "reach" down and attach a lifting strap to the conscious or unconscious PIW. This lifting strap will already be attached to the C-Hero® Rescue Davit winch line, making it possible to immediately begin lifting the person in water on deck.



Lift PIW and Swing Aboard

You retrieve the C-Hero® Rescue Davit from its holding bracket and bring it to the bitt you have selected for MOB rescues.

In less that 60 seconds, you can:

  • Secure the C-Hero® Rescue Davit to the bit
  • Connect the Snap Hook on the winch line to the lifting strap, which is already pre-loaded on the C-Hero® Rescue Pole
  • Reach down with the Rescue Pole to swing the lifting strap under the PIW's arms and secure it to his chest
  • Lift with attached winch line
  • Use worm-drive hand crank to swing him in

A small person can attach the C-Hero® Rescue Davit the bitt and lift a 350+ lb. person up to the railing and then swing him over and onto the deck.


After treating your rescued crew member for possible hypothermia and shock, congratulations are in order!

You can then complete a Man Overboard accident report with a successful result. Your success and a life saved will be attributed to good planning, training, practice, and the right tools for the job.



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