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C-Hero® Man Overboard Rescue Equipment: Tugboat MOB Rescue Davit

Man Overboard Rescue Equipment: Risk Mitigation and MOB recovery for Tugboats, Sail Boats, Ferries, and other workboats. C-Hero® Rescue Poles & optional portable Rescue Davit set ... a new innovative standard in speed and ease of use.



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The patent pending C-Hero® MOB Rescue Davit attaches Securely to all Tugboat Bitts (Even one side of an H-bitt)

This is the first solution designed for tugboats and barges where there is often only one person to affect a Man Overboard rescue of a conscious or unconscious person, and it can significantly mitigate your risk.


Sub M Lifesaving Risk Mitigation

Lifesaving: Here are the steps that can apply ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management elements to enhance your risk mitigation for man overboard recovery of an unconscious person:

  • Have an appropriate man overboard recovery solution for each of your boats that assures that the remaining crew is safe by keeping them inside the bulwarks during the rescue
  • Integrate the MOB recovery equipment to use in your TSMS
  • Have all crews trained in the use of your MOB equipment
  • Have regular man overboard recovery drills for each crew
  • Document the details of each man overboard recovery drill
  • Have regular management involvement in watching the man overboard recovery drills and then reviewing the documentation



The C-Hero® Rescue Davit is part of the C-Hero® rapid one-man operation Man Overboard Rescue System.

Capt. DJ Harper at Higman Barge Lines rescues Oscar with MOB rescue gear drill

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The C-Hero® Rescue Davit is part of the C-Hero® rapid Man Overboard Rescue Equipment System, which can be operated by one person
to rescue a conscious or unconscious person.

Subchapter M Lifesaving Equipment:

This portable water rescue device allows tugboats to be Subchapter M compliant in man overboard rescue situations.


  • MOB Portable Davit is lightweight (about 38 lbs.) allowing one person to retrieve and easily carry into position at the desired bitt

  • Attaches securely to the bitt in less than 30 seconds

  • Quickly deploys the rescue line and safety hook over the side, attached to the lifting strap on the C-Hero® MOB Rescue Pole, down to the person in the water

  • One small person on deck can hoist a 350 lb. person aboard

The C-Hero® Rescue Davit has an MWL of 350 lbs., and comes fully rigged with: Swing control with worm-drive hand crank, Harken Radial Self Tailing 20:1 winch, and Spinlock XAS clutch, and a Ronstan Carbine Hook

The C-Hero® Rescue Davit is ready for the harsh marine environment, with the entire assembly constructed of anodized Marine Grade aluminum  and stainless steel.

Optional Equipment

Storage Options:

Davit Bulkhead Mount
C-Hero® Rescue Davit with storage cover

Rescue Davit
Bulkhead Storage Mount

This mount can be attached to steel or wood indoors or outdoors. The mount is made of HDPE black weather resistant plastic. The Davit slips into the mount and sits on the deck. It is secure and ready for use. You just lift the davit out and move to the bitt.

Rescue Davit Storage Cover

The cover is designed for use with the Bulkhead Mount, and is made of marine grade Sunbrella® for UV protection.  The cover has a bottom and a top.
The top fits over the davit and has zipper that pulls open from the top and a pocket for the winch handle, and has a skirt that deflects the water runoff.
The bottom cover wraps around the Rescue davit in the mount and goes around all the lines. There is a pull handle to remove it quickly. 

Functional Options:

2-Speed Winch
Winch Handle

35 ST 2-Speed winch:

The Rescue Davit comes with a 20:1 winch, but can easily be upgraded with this 35:1 2-speed Harken winch.

10 inch Winch Handle:

The Rescue Davit comes with an 8 inch handle, and if more leverage is needed this 10” Aluminum Harken handle will do the job.

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